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This is not a sales site, trying to sell you some get rich quick scheme. In fact we have looked at a few and picked the bones out of them for you. The postings are intermittent at times; that’s because we are business people both on the Internet and in the bricks and mortar world as well. Sometimes we just don’t get the time to write and others we are flat out testing what we intend to write about. Either way, what you read is tried and tested.

The reality is that only a tiny fraction of Internet marketers will make a lot money out of the Internet. It is possible to make money from the Internet but don’t let them kid you, you will work for every cent. That’s the negative side.┬áThe positive side is that once you start making money it will keep coming, even while you sleep. You will be a much wiser person and will need to learn much before that happens though.

So our aim is to create a site that is free from hype and shows people ways to get out of the poverty trap – no more earning today to pay out tomorrow.

This is a not-for profit site – your readership makes it all worthwhile, so thank you for looking.

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