Copy Writing –

Successful web sites use good copy. Writing copy for the Internet is different to writing speeches or for newspaper copy.

Unlike speech writing, we have illustrations, text links and because we are often giving detailed instructions, we have to be sequential. Unlike newspaper copy, we are often writing persuasive copy, rather than reporting facts.

To communicate instructions and complex concepts it is important to break the information down into easily read segments. To do this we use short paragraphs with headings or bulleted lists. Unlike other media we can insert video clips and sound recordings to give a rich experience.

site copywriting
An example of mixed media website copy.

In addition, good copy is written rich in the words that are most frequently used for searching in that  subject. This makes it popular for searches, bringing new visitors to your website.

Writing good copy for the Internet is more than a skill, it is an art, requiring all the skills of a copywriter and then some more.

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