Welcome to the digital hub

Well we have grown to the point where we need a strategic centre for our sites and customers and this is it.

Welcome to the engine room of the Mimenta Education Services and HBHeadquarters.

What do we do, you ask?

  • We make training courses for mentors, teachers and tutors both for use on and off line.
  • We design websites that are strikingly different due to our rich content in both graphics and material.
  • Some of our staff are also recognized Australian Contributing Artists.
  • We mentor people starting on-line businesses
  • We are consultants for conventional businesses seeking to develop a dynamic on-line presence.

Most importantly, we are Australian and believe in a fair go – no BS or sales hype – we tell it how it is.

We endorse something that is becoming rather scarce today – it’s called Ethics!

We refuse to pay or join any rating organisation or business that takes a fee for endorsements (eg. BBB, Heart Foundation etc).
We are fiercely free of political, commercial, racial and religious influence and respect the right of free speech when it is used positively or to expose injustice.

Some of our sites are purely philanthropic and others are information rich portal sites that can redirect visitors to sales pages.

We will not endorse :

  • uninformed visitor redirection from a site – quit means quit, not open another sales spruiking page you didn’t ask for.
  • collecting data without the visitor’s knowledge
  • spam mailing
  • “Contact us” links that actually direct you to a contact point, not more surveys and data collection pages.